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The study of the relationship that affects the roles of rice field crab and human in the rice field

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  • Sirapop Tangvorakasem
  • Payramin Lerdpong

Bangkok Christian College, Thailand

  • Wanida Bhu-iam

Top Qualities

  • Detailed and informative project board.
  • Both the team members have engaging and excellent presentation skills.
How did you choose your topic?

“We chose this topic because we see the important role of the paddy field in Thailand that is Thai’s lifestyle for a long time and rice is an economic plant of Thailand and Rice field crab is the living creatures that have an important role in the environment in the paddy field. We have observed the farming process of farmers in the present, no matter if it’s the use of fertilizer or the use of chemicals in the paddy field. It may affects the living creatures in a different ways, In this project we do the research about the Rice field crab that how will the farming process affects the population of the Rice field crab and How will the life cycle of Rice field crab affects the farming process of human.”

What were your primary ways of collecting research? Please distinguish between primary research and secondary sources.

“Our primary ways to collecting research started by survey the population and the change in foraging patterns of rice field crab in the paddy field. We then interview with the local farmer from a nearby area about the population and the change in foraging patterns of rice field crab in the paddy field in the past. With this knowledge, we can conclude the change in population and the change in foraging patterns of rice field crab in the paddy field according to time.”

What is the most important discovery from your project?

“We found a relationship between agricultural activities of humans and other living organisms. In example, growing rice affects the life cycles of the organisms, as it causes changes in numbers and life cycles of freshwater crabs. On the other hand, changes in life cycles of freshwater crabs also affect rice agriculture.”

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