About LAB

Learning Across Borders (LAB) is an educational nonprofit focused on students and educators from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. At LAB, we promote four thematic principles: environmental science, project-based learning, student leadership, and cross-cultural navigation. We do this through two offerings: The LAB Program and LAB Camps. Learning Across Borders, LLC is registered in Hawaii with fiscal sponsorship under 501(c)(3) Youth Service Hawaii.

Education has the potential to not only instruct but to inspire. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal Four is “Quality Education”: Education that is more holistic, hands-on, and student-centered is necessary to advancing development and preparing engaged citizens that understand and can address local and regional problems. In 2008, ASEAN emphasized the need “to develop human resources through closer cooperation in education and lifelong learning, and in science and technology, for the empowerment of the peoples of ASEAN and for the strengthening of the ASEAN Community.” LAB hopes to help catalyze and be a part of this powerful vision to use education and lifelong learning as a means of increased global collaboration.

Our Mission

Igniting student and teacher passion for lifelong education

Our Vision

A global community of problem solvers

The LAB Team

Christopher Choy

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Originally from Hawaii, Chris has been based in Asia for the past 12 years, first working as an educational administrator, then founding and serving as Executive Director of ‘Global Natural History Day (GNHD)’ for 6 years, under a dual role as Director of International Development for the US nonprofit Behring Foundation. Chris was also a Founding Partner of a specialty retail operation in China, helping to oversee 12 stores, including a 200sqm flagship in Shanghai. In 2018, Chris joined Ethos Capital (景德丰 (上海) 股投资基金管理有限公司), as an Investment Manager. Currently, Chris is a partner of Pinnacle Education Group (鼎昆教育集团), which builds and operates schools and provides educational services throughout Asia.


Bradley Wo

Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bradley has worked with Chris on educational programs in Asia for over 5 years. He is currently living in Singapore and does philanthropy research and advising at Asia Philanthropy Circle in Singapore. He has worked at foundations, non-profits, and international development aid organisations in the US and Asia. He holds a M.A. in China Studies from Peking University, B.S. in Science, Technology, and Sociology from Stanford University, and participated in International Honours Programme’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme in Brazil, India, and Uganda. He is passionate about philanthropy, food, and culture.

Robin Dyrensborg

Education Consultant

Robin Dyrensborg is supporting LAB to enhance its project evaluation and educational programming as well as to develop a Professional Development Program. Born in Palau and raised in Hawaii, Robin has a B.Ed and M.Ed (Educational Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region) from the University of Hawaii and is a Ph.D student in Learning Design and Technology. In addition to her 25 years of experience in the classroom, Robin has designed and facilitated teacher training workshops at the local, district, and international level. In her role with Teachers Across Borders - Southern Africa, Robin assisted the Department of Education in Bloemfontein (Free State), South Africa by developing professional development classes aligned with the state's math curriculum. Robin is a National Board Certified Teacher and has mentored several LAB teams from Iolani School.

Kinga Wojtas

Hawaii Coordinator

Kinga Wojtas is the social studies middle school and high school teacher at Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is also a graduate student at American University School of International Service and pursuing her Master of Arts in International Relations degree. She is passionate about world affairs and cultures, as well as sustainable living and environmental conservation. Originally from Poland, she has lived in several cities in the U.S. and has been in Hawaii for over 5 years. She has also travelled around Europe and Asia and for the last 2 years she has encouraged her students to participate in LAB Global Finals. Kinga and her students joined LAB Global community in Vietnam and Cambodia. She enjoys supporting students in their drive to experience other cultures and gain new perspectives. Discovering her passion for travel and service learning as a teenager, Kinga is always excited to explore new places, develop new relationships and gain better cross -cultural understanding.



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Our Advisors

Tô Kim Liên


Peeda Chitnuyanont


Thanakorn Palachai


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