Hanoians and Unsorted Waste

Hanoians and Unsorted Waste

Hanoians and Unsorted Waste

Hanoians and Unsorted Waste


Nguyen Nhat Linh
Nguyen Ba Khang Hung


Nguyễn Hồng Cẩm
Alfred Nobel School, Vietnam


Best Overall Approach


– Addresses a clear issue and proposes a specific solution that is relevant to the theme.

– Impressive written material with work timeline, case-studies, and details of the interview.

– Created an interactive display board and had strong presentation skills.

From the students’ submitted project description

How did you choose your topic?

“In this program, we were trained on how the electronic waste impact the environment and people’s health if it is dumped with other kinds of trash. At home, we see our mothers sorting family’s trash into several categories, and that’s why the trash we release to the environment almost has no smell. And every time we go out of our houses, we can see that trash is EVERYWHERE, it’s dirty and has a bad smell. So, all of these things help us to be aware of the importance of sorting trash.”

How did you conduct your research?

“After we brainstormed with different sections, we chose to research referred information on the Internet and from books. We were shocked by such huge statistics then we wondered and researched on the waste journey. We also have chances to follow a garbage truck to the landfill, interviewed some residents who live in its area, and a waste miner, as well as some employees from the URENCO company. For the solution, we referred to our Swedish friend- Mr. Lars and our friend who lives in Japan- Ms. We found our proper solution for Hanoi’s waste sorting process.”

What is the most important discovery from your project?

“We believe that unsorted household waste impacts the environment seriously when people deal with it negligently. It damages plants, animals, and people. Wastewater infiltrates water tables after passing through layers of soil and rock. Composting waste without environmental balance produces harmful gases that cause global warming and pollute the air a lot. And workers who work there every day don’t have enough professional equipment, especially people who pick recyclable waste health can be damaged a lot. Because of these terrible impacts, we want to enlighten people about this problem and show possible solutions to solve it.”